Total Care Program


Total Care Program

Greater Comfort - Total Care

Our Total Care service is designed to keep your air conditioner and air ducts clean & well maintained to deliver cleaner air, provide greater comfort, operate safely, operate at its best efficiency for saving energy and extend the life of your equipment to give you peace of mind when you want it.

Lower your energy bills

Air conditioners are rated at the factory for energy efficiency (the amount of energy required for operation when new). When your air conditioner is dirty and not maintained. its energy efficiency decreases rapidly and it costs more to run. Total Car VIP service keeps your air conditioner clean and running as efficiently as possible Guarunteed.

Specialised Care

We expertly install, repair, clean and care for your equipment with highly skilled and certified technicians. We require our technicians to exceed industry standards for ethics, competance and workmanship. Our technicians do their work right the first time. they start and finish on time. They protect your floors, carpets, walls, valuables, etc to keep them free of dirt, mud, grease and any other potential damage from our work. They clean up after themselves and we keep our prices low.

Total Care Levels


Disgruntled with unreliable tradesmen? We know how much that annoys you. We take reliability extremely seriously. In fact, we are so committed to our reputation for reliability that we put our money where our mouth is with our two pronged reliability guaruntee. in the unlikely event that one of our qualified technicians is not on site within 4 Hours of calling us when something goes wrong, and our technician is not in attendance within 15 minutes of the time he said he would be there we will refund you 12 months of your Total Care membership fee, even if you haven't been a member that long. No strings, no weasel clauses. Simple. We do what we say we will do


Worry free climate control, especially for those who rely upon one system for all their heating and cooling needs. For people who are serious about the performance of their system and the quality of the air within their home. Titanium membership provides all the benefits of platinum membership, including our 32-point air conditioning checkup for all your units twice per year and of course includes our "No Weasel Clause Reliabilty Guaruntee". In addition, we'll attend to the following preventitive essentials which often get overlooked. #Smoke alarm battery replacement. We'll keep you and your family safe by ensuring your smoke(s) has charged batteries once a year when we are in your home servicing your air conditioner.


Peace of mind for people with one reverse cycle unit. Gold membership entitles you to an annual, comprehensive 32-point air conditioning system checkup as well as the comfort of our "No Weasel Clause Reliability Guarantee"


For people who have two or more reverse cycleunits. Platinum membership entitles you to our annual, comprehensive 32-point air conditioning system checkup as well as the comfort of our "No Weasel Clause Reliability Guaruntee".

Wall unti after installation
Brushing down the unit for repair
Exterieor aircon units